When YouthThink started looking at brain biology and the science of addiction we were determined to change the way we had previously been implementing our youth alcohol and other drug prevention efforts.  It wasn’t enough to do media awareness campaigns of the dangers of underage drinking or hope sports and after-school programs would keep our youth from experimenting with harmful substances.  We had new knowledge and we needed new tools.  Our families were asking for help and their hope for their children was fading.

YouthThink knows that raising a child and coordinating a family is one of the most important and difficult jobs around.  We also believe that with a little help and direction in just the right areas you can have the family you have always dreamed of.  What’s important is getting on the right track and starting with a foundation that makes sense and one you can count on.

YouthThink is proud to be the pilot community for a revolutionary tool known as Toddlers 2 Teens (T2T).  T2T encourages the promotion of social-emotional learning.  We all know how important reading literacy is.  Emotional literacy is just as important.

YouthThink has joined with SEL and Attachment Theory expert Dr. Ann Corwin to bring T2T to our area. T2T is a research-based project that is all about building better behavior. We know that you are busy and we also know that you care wildly about your family.  In this quick yet very informative 2 hour one-shot class you will be on your way to raising your own emotional literacy level as well as dramatically impacting the lives of your children.  Sound too good to be true?  This is what the T2T Parenting Boot-Camp can do for you:

  • Teach you to identify and understand that the feelings your children are having are real
  • Help you understand that feelings cause behavior
  • Provide you with tools to help your children deal productively with their feelings
  • Help you reduce confusion and uncertainty related to your children’s behavior
  • Improve the relationship with your children as they learn how to “do something” when a feeling comes if the behavior is seeing is getting them into trouble
  • Ensure that you and your children feel good about their behavior
  • Educate you on the important developmental stages of your children from toddlers to teens

The T2T project has brought a new level of awareness and a resource that helps us connect the dots between “toddlers 2 teens” and the people who love them the most.  We are no longer waiting until troubling behaviors manifest themselves.  We are promoting social-emotional learning in a coordinated effort to prevent future alcohol, tobacco, and other drug addiction.