T2T Parent/Provider Boost-Camps (Toddlers 2 Teens)

YouthThink began expanding its understanding of substance abuse in 2006 after attending a training session with Ann Corwin, Ph.D. as she spoke about the power of attachment.  YouthThink was intrigued with the powerful influence that attachment played in the lives of our teens and their choices. 

Since that time YouthThink has been fortunate to continue it’s partnership with Dr. Corwin and was honored to be the pilot organization for the “Pocket Full of Feelings” – Social Emotional Learning (SEL) toolkit.  YouthThink has been able to train hundreds of parents and other providers on the importance of emotional literacy.  Through this work, YouthThink has received numerous request, state and nationwide, to share this new way of thinking about prevention.

In 2016, with the blessing and help from Dr. Corwin, YouthThink began its official rollout of the Toddlers 2 Teens (T2T) project which combines SEL with the Attachment Theory.

Through the assistance of numerous grants, the YouthThink Prevention Coordinator developed the T2T Parent Boost-Camp, now for toddlers, teens and classes in Spanish. In just two short hours of FREE training, this groundbreaking and powerful experience is helping parents better understand and connect with their children in a way that transforms their relationship.  Better relationships link to healthier attachments and help youth feel connected in positive ways. Materials help parents and those who work with children to proactively embark on the journey of raising a toddler through the teen years.  Boost-Camps are offered monthly, and each participant receives a T2T Pack with amazing tools and tips to help any and every parent. 

Click here for dates:https://youththink.net/t2t-boot-cam