Get doctor’s care from home

Telehealth helps in the fight against COVID-19Telehealth services give you a way to:
• Talk to a doctor by phone or video.
• Feel confident about receiving doctor care from home.
• Reduce exposure, save time, and avoid crowds.


What is telehealth and how to connect?
Telehealth—sometimes called telemedicine, remote care,
or virtual care—is an appointment with a doctor by phone or
video. Many providers—including doctors and mental health
professionals—are available to connect through a telehealth
appointment. Ask how your provider is able to connect with you.
If you need care from a doctor
If you or a loved one needs care, start here:
• Call your doctor or provider’s office first before going in.
(You might need to leave a message.)
• Call our 24-Hour NurseLine at (855) 834-6150
TTY (844) 514-3774.
• Check with your doctor to see if telehealth services are
• Call 911 if you are experiencing an emergency