YouthThink focuses on Social Emotional Learning education and community norms that influence our youth.  That SEL education promotes a child’s ability to understand the feelings of others, control his or her own feelings and behaviors, get along with their peers, and build relationships with teachers and adults. We believe that if our parents and youth have a sound understanding of how their brains and bodies work in the important developmental stages, (children ages 0 –17), there is a better chance for successful outcomes.   Prevention/Promotion efforts must align with developmental stages to be effective.    

 YouthThink bases all of its decision-making structure on one simple question: “What about the children?” How will the decisions we make impact our children?  Do the policies we set and advocate for improve the future outcomes for our children?  Do we choose what is best our children or do we settle for what we believe are adult rites of passage?

YouthThink believes that perceptions matter and that the (increasing) number of marijuana or alcohol outlets in our community sends a false message of perceived overuse and safe underage use to our young people.  We are striving to help promote a community that puts their children first and supports responsible adult alcohol use and empowers all community members to make the best and healthiest choices.

YouthThink believes that actions matter and that we are always a role model.  That type of role model is one’s choice.  At YouthThink we choose to take the lead and encourage other individuals, businesses, governments and agencies in uniting together in always pausing and thinking: “What about the children?”