YouthThink brings nationally known speakers to The Dalles for a four-event series


What do screen time, child trafficking, internet pornography seen by young children, and the struggles of young athletes all have in common? Children of all ages are being assaulted by the very technologies and industries that are meant to be tools and entertainment. How widespread are the problems? What can we do? What can change? How can we protect our community’s young minds and bodies?

YouthThink will be hosting a four-event series featuring nationally known speakers dedicated to addressing current issues facing parents, grandparents, educators, and child care providers. The series begins in March with “Screen Time and the Developing Brain,” with Dr. Dimitri Christakis, who was recently featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes. The following months continue with “Citizens Against Predators,” “Kids Can Learn To Reject Pornography,” and “Life of an Athlete.” The speakers will help raise awareness of problems created by technology and address societal attitudes and the misuse of social media. Each speaker will offer positive solutions and ways to make better choices.