Pocket Full of Feelings … This is the next best thing to sliced bread.  Check it out for yourself at www.pocketfulloffeelings.com.  The Dalles was honored to be the first pilot community for this great new tool and process.  Looking for something that will make a difference in yours and your child’s life, Pocket Full of Feelings is the real deal.

Pocket Full of Feelings is a 3-year emotional literacy project designed by Dr. Ann and Karin Lombardo.  Karin and Dr. Ann have been partnering with parents to understand that feelings drive every single behavior parents see in their children.  By realizing that behaviors are expressions of feelings, we have developed a program to help parents learn specific ways to teach their children how to deal with the way they feel in order to transform their behavior in healthy ways.  Kits are available through the local library, Planetree and YOUTHTHINK.